Birth Centered Around You

water immersion 1The Birth Center at PCC offers patients many natural options for pain relief. You will be surprised how effective seemingly simple things, like massage and movement, can help you cope. The best pain relief method is the one that works for you. Our supportive midwives and birth assistants will work with you to find what feels best. These are some common pain relief techniques available at the birth center.


Water immersion

Each birthing suite has a deep tub available for you to use. Water immersion during labor relieves pain, helps relaxation, reduces pressure on the abdomen, and allows you to easily change positions. Many women like to deliver their babies in the tub as well. Each room also has a private shower that can be used in labor for pain relief.  



Here at the birth center, you are able to walk around and labor in whatever position is comfortable. You may find that swaying, standing, kneeling, or lying on your side helps relieve pain. These positions also help the baby to come down through the birth canal. Only you know what is the most comfortable for you. Don’t be afraid to experiment with positions and move around as much as you want. We also have a birth ball and a squatting stool in each room to support you in whichever positions are comfortable. Some good ideas for comfortable positions can be found here. 


Breathing and relaxation techniques

Steady, rhythmic breathing can help women work through contractions by promoting relaxation. Breathing techniques can also help reduce feelings of nausea and dizziness. You are welcome to bring your own aromatherapy oils to help with relaxation. You may also find music soothing and you are welcome to bring an iPod with you.



There are many ways that massage can help you cope with labor pain. You can gently massage your belly during contractions or you can have your partner or labor support person massage your back or feet. Your labor partner can also provide counter-pressure if your back or hips hurt during contractions. You may also find warm or cold compresses soothing on areas that hurt.


Can I get an epidural or narcotic pain medication at the birth center?

The Birth Center at PCC does not offer epidurals or narcotic pain relief. However, the majority of our patients find they do not need these to cope with pain. Feel free to experiment with pain coping techniques. Our midwives and birth assistants are here to help you find which techniques work the best for you and provide you with support and encouragement as you bring your baby into the world.