kids health primary care

Pediatric services are part of our primary care model. We care for growing children from birth to the age of 17 years old.

As your child grows, our team is here to care for them. Your provider will be a family medicine physician, pediatrician, or advanced practice nurse. The services they provide include:

During these visits, your providers might share health education. For example, they might recommend ways to:

  • Keep your home safe
  • Feed healthy meals
  • Stay active and exercise
  • Teach reading at a young age


Teen Health

Teen services are part of our primary care model. Services are delivered by PCC family medicine physicians, pediatricians, and advanced practice nurses. We follow nationally recognized guidelines for visit schedules (every year) and vaccines. We can also provide school physicals and sports physicals.

Providers will share health education, for example, recommending healthy eating and physical activity. Patients can request birth control, STI testing, pregnancy testing, and mental health/substance use services. 

PCC understands parental involvement is important to the well-being of adolescent patients. We also find that sometimes teen patients are looking for information independently. We can help to make sure teen patients get the information they need. Our evolving and affirmative model of care creates an environment where students feel safe and develop self-care skills.