Family planning, reproductive health, and family building services are a vital part of our primary care model. PCC strives to help patients reach their reproductive goals by providing holistic, sensitive, and gender-affirming reproductive and sexual healthcare services in a supportive environment. Our services include:

·       Confidential services for youth age 12+

·       All-options pregnancy testing and counseling

·       Birth control, including management of period and menstrual cycle related concerns such as painful or heavy periods or premenstrual dysphoric disorder

·       Emergency contraception

·       Sexually transmitted infection (STI) testing, counseling, and treatment (including rapid HIV testing/counseling)

·       Pre-conception counseling (Counseling with a provider about family building and optimizing your health in preparation for a future pregnancy)

·       PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) services

·       Breast/chest and cervical cancer screenings

·       Same day IUD and implant placement appointments may be available


Our clinical staff have expertise in the following birth control:

·       Non-hormonal IUD - Paragard (copper) IUD

·       Hormonal IUDs

·       Implant

·       Depo Provera (the shot)

·       Oral contraceptive pills

·       Patch

·       Nuva Ring

·       Diaphragm consultation (only available at PCC South)

·       Plan B/Ella (morning after pill)

·       Condoms

·       Referral and counseling for bilateral tubal ligation (BTL) or vasectomy

·       Outpatient vasectomies (only available at PCC Salud and PCC West Town)

·       Discussion of any other methods available


To schedule an appointment for obtaining birth control:

·       If you are already an established patient at PCC, please call your closest PCC clinic to set up an appointment to talk with a provider about your desired birth control method.

·       If you are not currently a PCC patient, please call the closest PCC clinic to set up an in-person, new patient visit. The provider will be able to offer you same-day birth control, but a return visit may be required for IUD or implant placements.

·       For some birth control methods, a telemedicine appointment may be offered instead of an in-person appointment if the patient desires.