PCC envisions a future in which community members enjoy optimal health and wellness; therefore,

we support activities that promote healthy lifestyle to complement medical care.





PCC purchased 8,000 square feet of vacant land in 2012 with the intention of someday creating a space to promote health and wellness.

Through collaboration with the Chicago Botanic Garden, PCC transformed the lot into a community farm.

The Chicago Botanic Garden’s urban agriculture program, Windy City Harvest, manages the farm's operations.




download.png2022_Foundation_Logo_CMYK_Pos_1.jpg  This farm was made possible by a Humana Communities Benefit grant from the Humana Foundation.

Humana Communities Benefit (HCB) is a charitable-giving program, funded by the Humana Foundation,

that awards a $350,000 signature grant over a three year period to a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization.

The grant is intended to improve community health and well-being, and have a transformational, lasting impact on its residents.