At PCC, we recognize that supporting diversity, equity, inclusion & engagement is the right thing to do. Over the past year, PCC’s executive leadership team has examined internal efforts related to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). We are compelled to look inward to ensure that we are working to dismantle racism and inequality within our organization. This commitment is woven into our core values and beliefs that our company is strongest when we embrace the full spectrum of humanity, regardless of what we look like, where we come from, or whom we love. That means both building a more diverse, more inclusive workplace, and promoting what we call courageous engagement in our company and the communities we serve.

Our goal is to create an inclusive workplace conducive to dialogue where everyone feels safe, valued, and affirmed. We want our staff to experience job satisfaction, higher levels of trust, and fully engage in their work. We envision an organization where staff are understanding and fair towards each other and care for patients with increased cultural competence. To facilitate this process, we engaged The Exeter Group to complete a comprehensive assessment of PCC’s current state of DEI. The Exeter Group completed a DEI Assessment, which included stakeholder interviews, employee surveys, quantitative workforce, patient analyses, and focus groups. To access this secure report, click here.