mch fellowship surgicalTimeline

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, so it is best to apply early. Applicants will be notified of their status (accepted, waitlisted, declined) within two weeks of their interview.


Our timeline is as follows:

  • July 1: We begin accepting applications.
  • December 1: Complete application (which consists of the application questionnaire, CV, personal statement and 3 reference letters) is due.
  • September 15 – December 15: Interviews are conducted (only on Wednesdays).
  • January 15: Fellow selection is complete.
  • Late July: New fellow orientation begins.


Checklist for a Complete Application

1. PCC PCH Fellowship Application Questionnaire – These questions are completed in our job application (via the link below) within section 5. Within this section, you can also upload other required documents (the personal statement and procedure log).

2. Resume/CV – A current CV is required and can be uploaded via the job application link below.

3. Personal Statement – We are particularly interested in learning how you apply your knowledge base in clinical settings and would also like your personal statement to include information on:

  • Your academic preparation for advanced training in perinatal and child health;
  • Evidence of your commitment to perinatal and child health;
  • Your thoughts on how family physicians can impact community health; and
  • Ways in which you will use fellowship training in the future.

4. Three Letters of Recommendation – These letters must be This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. directly to PCC from the source. You may wish to ask your references to consider some of the personal statement topics listed above. We recommend that you obtain a letter from the following people:

  • Family Medicine Attending who supervised your inpatient OB rotation
  • Family Medicine Attending who can attest to your outpatient clinical performance
  • Program Director or Medical Director who has knowledge of your performance in a clinical setting


Submitting An Application

Go to Join Our Team, then choose Careers, then search for "PCH Fellow Physician". Or click on the link below.


PCH Fellow Physician


For any application questions, please contact us. 

Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

We are accepting applications.


The PCH Fellowship Global Health Track offers two tracks:

1.    1. An approximately one-month rotation done in the second half of the fellow year in Tanzania, and

2.    2. A 6-12 month fellowship after your first year at PCC. 


1. Tanzania

The first track is an approximately one-month rotation done in the second half of the fellow year. It compliments the experience of the one-year fellowship as an international service and learning rotation.  Participation in this track of the global health fellowship is optional and requires the ability to work and live in Tanzania for one month.  (Click here to learn more about our partnering volunteer organization, MediTrip, who coordinates placement and logistics).  Click here to learn more about the Obstetrics placement at Levolosi Hospital (summarized key learning points below). 

The PCH fellows working in Tanzania are learning skills applicable to practicing in lower-resource community settings that prepare them for rural and global health.  The global health track in Tanzania is currently a partnership between PCC PCH fellowship, Levolosi Hospital, and MediTrip which seeks to staff the hospital with a full-time physician trained in surgical obstetrics, directly addressing their current workforce shortage while continuously reassessing community/hospital needs.  The fellows will be asked to critically think on this component while participating in this global health track, check-in with fellowship directors, and collaborate with each other towards this goal.   

During their month in Tanzania, global health fellows will be supported with international health insurance and their usual fellowship salary.


Continuous fellowship activities 

  • Fellows work with attendings at PCC/WSMC to highlight existing experiences in preparation to work in low-resource community settings (such as NRP resuscitations, newborn IV placements, adult IV placements, ultrasound skills, etc).
  • Development and actualization of a fellow project best practice guideline related to global health.


Abroad Learning activities, Teaching experiences

  • Surgical obstetrics preparation and skills (including cesarean deliveries), supervised by local attending physicians.
  • Utilization of NRP resuscitation skills.  
  • Team participation and the opportunity to learn/teach each other cross-cultural intrapartum, postpartum, postoperative, and newborn care.
  • Multidisciplinary teaching to co-volunteers (each month there are different groups of volunteers from various organizations with different levels of training and from different medical disciplines [ie nursing students, medical students, nurses, etc] which you will have the opportunity to interact with and teach).


2. Peru 

The second track is a two-year fellowship that combines the experience of the one-year fellowship with a second year of international service and learning. Participation in the global health track requires Spanish language proficiency and the ability to travel to and live in Peru for 6-12 months. Language learning resources are available for fellows who need them. Click here to learn more about the fellowship site in Peru.

During their time in Peru, global health fellows will be supported with a stipend and international health insurance  In order to receive the stipend, fellows must commit to a 1 year contract with PCC after fellowship for each 6 months abroad


Continuous Fellowship Activities (year one):

  • Participation in all surgical fellowship activities
  • Additional training in procedures useful in low-resource communities, such as spinal anesthesia and appendectomies
  • Development and actualization of a best practice guideline in global health
  • Active participation in the global health lecture series and other didactic education in global health


Abroad Learning Activities, Teaching experiences (year two):

  • Full-spectrum health care service to the people of the Napo River Valley who access care at or through the Santa Clotilde Mission in Santa Clotilde, Peru under the guidance of PCC faculty
  • Completion of a global health project that positively impacts underserved people in Peru



How to Apply


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