Community. Ownership. Empowerment.


Community: We are deeply dedicated to serving our Community by being patient focused, closely partnering with them as active members in their care, and striving toward a Culture of Health and Health Equity for each individual and family.

·    Patient-focused – We believe in providing high quality, culturally sensitive care that is compassionate and driven by the needs of the individual and their family.

·    Commitment to be in Partnership – We believe in being in full partnership with the community in an effort to pull together resources, knowledge, and expertise to ultimately improve the overall health and wellness of our community served.

·    Commitment to Health Equity – We are committed to a Culture of Health in which all individuals and families have equal access to opportunities and resources that support choices which lead to the healthiest lives possible.


Ownership: We believe that we will accomplish our commitment of serving our Community best by coming together as one team, each of us responsible and accountable to the other, to provide the highest quality of care for each patient while also creating a positive, efficient, and productive working environment.

 ·    Accountability and Responsibility – We acknowledge the role each individual in the organization plays in our ability to achieve our mission. It is the individual accountability and responsibility that enables the collective team to be successful.

 ·    Effective Management – We understand that to best serve our patients, the community, and our staff, management must have the necessary skills, abilities, and attitudes to be successful.

 ·    Performance Improvement – We are committed to promoting an environment that is dedicated to continuous performance improvement and recognizes this philosophy as a basic organizational function necessary to achieve improved outcomes.

 ·    Stewardship – We are committed to responsible stewardship and recognize the importance of fiscal viability. We are dedicated to effectively utilizing resources available while seeking opportunities to bring additional streams of funding into the organization.


Empowerment: As we are committed to our patients, we also commit to each employee and member of the PCC community to encourage their personal growth, respect and celebrate their individual quality and achievements, and encourage ongoing training and development as professionals in health care.

·    Commitment to our Employees – We are committed to promoting a work environment that encourages personal growth, acknowledges success, and respects the contribution of each member of the team.

·    Commitment to Education – We are committed to training and mentoring health care professionals to serve the unique needs of our community.

At PCC, we recognize that supporting diversity, equity, inclusion & engagement is the right thing to do. Over the past year, PCC’s executive leadership team has examined internal efforts related to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). We are compelled to look inward to ensure that we are working to dismantle racism and inequality within our organization. This commitment is woven into our core values and beliefs that our company is strongest when we embrace the full spectrum of humanity, regardless of what we look like, where we come from, or whom we love. That means both building a more diverse, more inclusive workplace, and promoting what we call courageous engagement in our company and the communities we serve.

Our goal is to create an inclusive workplace conducive to dialogue where everyone feels safe, valued, and affirmed. We want our staff to experience job satisfaction, higher levels of trust, and fully engage in their work. We envision an organization where staff are understanding and fair towards each other and care for patients with increased cultural competence. To facilitate this process, we engaged The Exeter Group to complete a comprehensive assessment of PCC’s current state of DEI. The Exeter Group completed a DEI Assessment, which included stakeholder interviews, employee surveys, quantitative workforce, patient analyses, and focus groups. To access this secure report, click here.


PCC strives to meet the standards set by leading health care organizations.

PCC is accredited by The Joint Commission for all services surveyed under the Comprehensive Accreditation Manual for Ambulatory Care, as well as Primary Care Medical Home (PCMH). PCC has been continuously accredited by The Joint Commission since March 2008 and PCMH-certified since February 2014 for all sites. The Joint Commission's PCMH Certification focuses on care coordination, access to care, and how effectively a primary care clinician and interdisciplinary team work in partnership with patients and their families. The Joint Commission's PCMH standards are closely aligned with PCC's aim to provide "care centered around you."

All established PCC continuity clinics also hold National Committee of Quality Assurance (NCQA) Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) Recognition. NCQA's mission is to improve the quality of health care. PCMH health centers like ours rely on interventions such as care coordination, electronic health records, and team-based care to deliver optimal care to our patients. Eight of PCC's continuity clinics currently hold NCQA PCMH recognition:

The Birth Center at PCC was Illinois' first freestanding birth center and is accredited by the Commission for the Accreditation of Birth Centers. Attention to standards set by the American Association of Birth Centers ensures the delivery of the highest standard of care.

CABC Joint Commission NCQA 

Thank You for Your Heroic Dedication!


The PCC Board of Directors would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to PCC’s dedicated and brave staff. Whether you are on the front lines or playing a supportive role, we appreciate your commitment to fighting this novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) and continuing to provide other necessary health care services. We are grateful for the sacrifices you make every day and especially during this public health crisis. Thank you for your service to our patients!