Here at PCC, we work hard to make sure you feel supported . We want to support you before, during, and after the delivery of your child.

We offer free childbirth education classes for PCC patients. These classes are available to pregnant patients and members of the support team. This includes partners, family members, friends, and others.

We offer a four-week class series. We also lead four-hour Saturday classes that cover all topics. Topics include: 

  • Topic 1: The Process of Labor
  • Topic 2: Labor Support Techniques;
  • Topic 3: Understanding Complications & Interventions*
  • Topic 4: Infant Care, Nutrition & Breastfeeding*

*Required topics for Birth Center at PCC patients

Registration is not required. You must check in with the front desk when you come.

If you have any questions, call Mary Sommers at 708-386-0845, Ext. 1009.

Se habla español. Para más información sobre clases de preparación para el parto gratuitas en PCC, llame a Mary Sommers al (708) 386-0845, Ext. 1009.

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