pediatric care 1Well child visits are regularly scheduled check-ups which begin shortly after birth. Each visit includes a complete physical exam. The provider will check that your child is growing and developing normally for their age.

Childhood is a time of rapid growth and change. We recommend that children have more well-child visits when they are young. Here at PCC, we consider well child visits to be part of our primary-care model.

We follow the recommended well child visit schedule and vaccines for children from birth to age 18.

We can also provide sports physicals and school physicals. Talk to your provider about how to get a referral for vision and dental screenings needed for school.

The benefits of well child visits include:

  • Getting scheduled immunizations and vaccines
  • Tracking growth and development
  • Discussing concerns
  • Building a relationship with your provider

Before your visit, write down your questions and concerns. Bring these to your visit to ask your provider. This will help you get the most out of the visit.

During well child visits, your provider might share preventive health education. For example, they might recommend ways to:

  • Feed healthy meals
  • Stay active
  • Teach reading at a young age
  • Keep your home safe


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