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PCC envisions a future in which community members enjoy optimal health and wellness; therefore, we bolster our in-clinic attempts to improve health outcomes by engaging the community in activities that promote healthy choices. To further this effort, PCC established an urban farm in 2014 that is feeding and invigorating the community.


PCC purchased eight thousand square feet of vacant land in 2012 with the intention of someday creating a space to promote health and wellness. Through collaboration with the Chicago Botanic Garden, PCC realized this dream; the vacant lot was transformed into a quarter-acre community farm. The farm showcases local and sustainable food production practices Farm with signwhile providing training and employment opportunities for participants. The Chicago  Botanic Garden’s expertise in horticulture—demonstrated through its thriving urban agriculture program, Windy City Harvest—contributes significantly to PCC’s farm.


Opportunities for purposeful physical activity on the farm unite with nutrition education, building a foundation of wellbeing for PCC patients, staff, and community members. Further, farm staff cultivates healthy relationships with participants by sharing knowledge and showing respect for the culture and preferences of the community.


This farm was made possible by a Humana Communities Benefit grant from the Humana Foundation. Learn more about our project through this video.flower arrangement


PCC Austin Farm

330 N. Lotus Avenue
Chicago, IL 60644
Located next to PCC Austin Family Health Center



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